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Tween Book Reading - DD Scott LetLoveGlow Publishing/DJ Burchell with MA Burchell

*REACHED #2 on the Amazon Hot New Releases list*

JOIN US FOR A VERY SPECIAL BOOK READING, Hosted by The Reserve and DD Scott with DJ Burchell and MA Burchell

In this Award-Winning, Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Fantasy - the first book in a series - Alex, his telepathic dog, and his family narrowly escape an attack on their home and retreat to a hidden international organization who use the energy of the Zero Point Field to protect the Earth from outside threats. With his dog, Mercure, and newfound friends, Alex learns about the Zero Point Field and the Z-Cons that tap into its power. But can he learn enough to save his parents, his friends, and the entire planet?.... Alex becomes a new student in their underground training facility, while his parents embark on a dangerous mission to uncover a new and mysterious threat. While learning about the Zero Point Field and all its power, Alex is also trained on many new skills, including piloting aircraft, sailing boats, and learning the entire history of the Praefectus ...