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Author Event: Fred Bollaci and The Restaurant Diet

Join The Reserve for a very special meet-and-greet and book signing event with the author of “The Restaurant Diet:  How to Eat Out Every Night and Still Lose Weight.”

About the book
Fred Bollaci, who lost 150 pounds (from 330), offers a diet plan that takes the pressure off of dieters dining out. He teaches readers how to read a menu, ask important questions of the staff, and have food customized to their dietary needs. He provides insights into converting this into healthy eating at home. 

As Fred teaches readers how to eat out and lose weight, he reveals the real secret: It’s not about preparing “clean” food at home, or going “whole” and excluding wheat, sugar, and dairy; nor is it about counting calories or grams: It’s about WHY one overeats in the first place. Fred reveals his story of growing up in an Italian family, and how his parents’ divorce led to his eating compulsions. He tried every fad diet, yet Fred was searching for a lasting solution. With the help of his doctor, a nutritionist, a trainer, and a psychologist, Fred developed a four-phase diet and exercise plan that works! Fred proves that if he can do it, anyone can. He has kept the weight off for over seven years. He has completed four marathons—he looks great, feels great, and can enjoy great food and drink wherever he is.

“The Restaurant Diet” will provide you with dozens of strategies for working with chefs, restauranteurs, and wait staff to ensure a healthier dining out experience.

You’ll also learn:

·       Dozens of strategies for working with chefs, restaurateurs, and wait staff to ensure a healthier
dining out experience.

·       Scores of dieting tips for eating at home or on the road.
·       How Fred lost 150 pounds without following traditional diets—and learn how to keep it off!
·      125 delicious and healthy gourmet recipes from 100 of the nation’s top restaurants with nutritional information and tips straight from many top chefs for how to easily lighten preparation.

·       How to eat without going off of your diet when at a business lunch, traveling, or living a very busy lifestyle with a hectic schedule.

About Fred Bollaci
Fred Bollaci is an entrepreneur, world traveler, sommelier, and international healthy gourmet lifestyle, food, wine, travel, and fitness expert who has enjoyed the gourmet lifestyle since childhood. Fred grew up on Long Island and currently resides in Delray Beach, Florida. He has traveled extensively throughout Italy, Europe, Australia, Japan, the United States, and more.

An attorney with a concierge practice concentrating on trusts and estates in Florida, and someone who enjoys great food, travel, and cooking, Fred was determined to find a way to lose weight and keep it off that fit his busy lifestyle and met his needs as a foodie who traveled frequently for business and pleasure. He devised a four-phase weight loss plan that gave him the freedom, flexibility, and flavor that other diets lacked. As a result, Fred lost 150 pounds in 12 months, dining in great restaurants across the nation and overseas, and has kept if off for more than seven years.

Fred established his company, Fred Bollaci Enterprises, LLC in 2014 to help spread the word about his unique, enviable, and proven healthy gourmet lifestyle. Since, he has attracted more than 100,000 fans and followers on social media, showcased more than 600 restaurants, hotels, spas, and wineries worldwide on his Golden Palate blog, and has trademarked and awarded over 750 Golden Palate Certificates of Excellence and more than 200 Platinum Palate Certificates of Excellence to the very best establishments throughout the world whose ownership and staff treat their customers right and make it a pleasure to live a healthy gourmet lifestyle. It’s a veritable guide to the very best establishments in the U.S. and Italy that applaud and cater to the healthy gourmet lifestyle that Fred epitomizes.  

Fred enjoys consulting and working with many top chefs in America and Italy to spread the word about healthy gourmet cuisine. He is a frequent guest motivational speaker and is available for speaking engagements for private groups as well as organizations. He is available for personalized consultations in-person or via phone or Skype. Fred also is an Appetite columnist and food and travel writer for VENU, one of the nation’s leading contemporary arts and culture magazines based in the New York area.