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The Honey Vines - Acoustic/Vocals

Join The Reserve for the debut Reserve performance of The Honey Vines.

The Honey Vines are a singer-songwriter duo consisting of Melanie Bozsa and Andrea Wirth.  They began playing music together in 2011 at an open mic in Evansville, where the heart of the music community continues to gather each Monday night at Lamasco Bar & Grill.  In the beginning, they were billed as "Melanie and Andrea," two guitar-wielding singer-songwriters. Their first official "gig" was in Princeton, Indiana at a charming restaurant on the town square called "The Farmer’s Daughter," where they played an assortment of acoustic rock, country, folk and originals.  Several gigs later, they began performing under the name "The Honey Vines" and continued to collaborate, writing songs of love, faith and hope.  They traveled a lot in the early days, mostly within the tri-state area, making themselves comfortable on the stages of restaurants, wineries, benefit shows, community events and festivals.  An opportunity opened for them to play a weekly show at Cavanaugh’s Piano Bar in the Tropicana Complex, which turned out to be a wonderful chance for Andrea to get back to her first instrument, the piano. 
In February of 2015, they celebrated their first release with 2 singles, “To the Moon and Back,” written by Bozsa, and “Sunday Morning,” written by Wirth.  This release reflected the addition of piano.  The duo followed that release in October of 2015 with another single titled, Pray, and a live album titled, "Stories Live From the Blue Room," that was released in May of 2016. In the fall of 2016, Magic Carpet Ride (single) was released along with World Full of Sides (single), a collaboration with artist, Outis. In 2017, the duo released a self-titled album, "The Honey Vines," a collection of eight songs that share the message of Peace, Love, and Unity.
A teacher by day, Melanie’s strengths in education came out in full force in 2013 when the pair opened a small music studio, Honey Vinyl Music Studio, where they teach introduction to guitar, piano, and vocals, catering to beginner music students with a focus on songwriting collaboration and recording.  Special causes they are active in supporting include child-abuse awareness, suicide prevention and Alzheimer’s awareness.  The duo also hosts a monthly showcase at Lamasco’s called Song House that features this area’s richly talented musicians and the stories of their lives. 
To keep up with  The Honey Vines, visit them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or contact them by email at