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Sky Stahlmann Returns to The Reserve

Our very own (former) singing barista Sky Stahlmann returns for a very special performance at The Reserve so she can highlight everything she's been learning at Berklee College of Music in Boston!

The stage has been my home for as long as I can remember. I grew up as a “petite rat de l’opera” a term given to the little children dancing or singing on the stages of the Opera with the adults singers. I truly came to life as a performer and a person in my years performing with the Opera. It was the first place in my life where I felt like I belonged and where I felt like I was valuable. Being part of an artistic performance to convey a meaningful message gave me a reason to wake up in the morning. 

However, I was what you could call “genre curious” and began diving into the world of jazz, musical theatre, rock and pop. After a few years, I moved away from the opera world and into the world of contemporary music beginning my new professional journey at Berklee College of Music (Class of 2021)

Fast forward to today, I am currently working on my first EP in a style I like to call Popera, a mesh of my classical influences with the pop genre. This is a gap in genre’s I am determined to bridge as I believe both genres are so beautiful and meaningful to me. 

- Sky

Free admission.

Happy hour specials on select craft beers and wines!


APPROACH INFORMATION (Due to Construction on 41):
Sarasota is currently installing a roundabout at 14th Street and 41 South and has eliminated left-hand turns if you are headed southbound toward Sarasota Downtown. You can avoid construction and easily get to The Reserve if you are southbound by turning left at the lighting store (Light Up Your Life) and heading South on Cocoanut to a right-hand turn on 14th Street.

We have four parking options for your convenience. Parking is: 1) In The Reserve lot (concrete spaces or spaces on the pebbles), 2) On-site in our designated parking area at the intersection of 14th and 41 (follow The Reserve sign), 3) On-street on 13th, 14th, and 15th Streets (just be careful not to block neighbors' driveways), and 4) At West Indies, immediately south of our location (you can park and walk to The Reserve--it's easy!). Please stop in and visit with West Indies, too.