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Zen Seraphine (Electric violin, world music)

Please join The Reserve for a performance by Zen Seraphine (electric violin; world music).

The ZEN Seraphine Collective performs a unique brand of mind-expanding world funk fusion, with smooth jazz vocals and the enchanting virtuoso lead of the electric violin. Embracing an ethereal vibe with soaring synths and hybridized electronic/acoustic percussion, the Collective sends positive messages of unity, love, and peace through a variety of musical moods, from high-energy dance music to chill lounge and world beats. Their sound is a blend of smooth grooves with infectious melodies and ambient soundscapes. Local to Sarasota, Zen Seraphine has dazzled audiences at many high-end venues and festivals throughout Florida.

ZEN Seraphine is an original music project, featuring the talents & compositions of Z. Seraphine Warren (fusion electric violinist/keyboardist/vocalist) & Sammy B. Warren IV (multi-percussionist). Their unique electronic-acoustic hybridized sound with danceable rhythms and catchy melodies appeal to a wide audience. ZEN Seraphine, as a solo, duo, and trio, has successfully graced numerous types of events, including weddings, private parties, corporate events, as well as high-end venues and restaurants/clubs. 

With a passion for weaving elements of swing, rock, world, hip hop, funk, and other jazz fusions, ZEN Seraphine emerges with their own brand of sound, simultaneously eclectic and familiar. ZEN Seraphine originals are a blend of smooth grooves with ethereal melodies and layered soundscapes. Their sound is an ever-evolving experimentation with the idea that music is transformational, transcendental, and healing. This is echoed in their presentation, performance, & songwriting, with their lyrics centering on themes of change, unity, love, & a multi-dimensional universe. 

ZEN Seraphine continuously seeks new ways by which to express the depths of existence and create space for healing through the power of rhythm & melody. Music is a most powerful form of channeling energy, helping us to transform ourselves, to heal our spirits, to inspire creativity, to let go of what no longer serves us, to love more deeply... 

FREE admission. Rain or shine.

Happy hour specials on select craft beers and wines. Light bites available.

1) In our lot (to the right or left of our main building)
2) In the spaces available at 14th and 41 (follow The Reserve sign)
3) At West Indies Home (next door)
4) On streets at 13th, 14th, and 15th Streets